Cruise to Petites and Grand Bruit. Get a glimpse of how life used to be for those who have moved on. 

Cod is a Newfoundland favourite fish species. You fish them and we show you how to clean them.

Experienced fishermen George and Andy provide interpretative deep sea fishing experiences. Eagles, whales, tuna, dolphins and seals are possible sightings. Learn about local sea birds; how to clean and fillet fish and tie a few nautical knots. Explore Channel Island with its historic lighthouse.

Discover the coastline in our new 28-foot open aluminum boat. Safety is our priority. We are located at the Gateway to Newfoundland, in fact the Gulf ferry and our boat dock in the same harbour!

Port aux Basques is fast becoming a tourism destination with new experiences waiting for you. Start your authentic Newfoundland experience at the gateway to this beautiful province. 

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Tour the coastline and visit Channel Head Island and its historic lighthouse. 

Makos and blues are waiting to show you their smile.

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Guided Cultural Tours

Port aux Basques Marine Excursions Guided Deep Sea Fishing